Phase 1

Community Capacity Building & Leadership Development (Knowledge Generation)

Our framework for knowledge generation acknowledges the ways knowledge has been “taken” rather than shared. In each of our engagement strategies we offer a reciprocal wellness centered space, peer learning/support and community development. Information learned will inform the curriculum in knowledge mobilization.

3 distinct weekend wellness spaces for Black LGBTQ+ individuals to gather and share their experiences and stories as it pertains to mental health, mental wellbeing, mental health service deliveries. In depth deep dive into Black LGBTQ+ mental health using engagement tools that foster comfort, decrease stigma and prioritize safe space.

The series includes various live streamed webinars that answer the questions of Black LGBTQ+ community while making information accessible for practical implementation in daily life.Guest speakers will build their topics and presentations using verifiable, cited knowledge while also collecting existing knowledge.

Phase 2

Community Engagement (Knowledge Mobilization)

Our knowledge mobilization phase is aimed at shifting the power dynamics within the sector and not only increasing leadership opportunities for emerging mental health leaders but providing them the tools, mentorship and structured environment to share the knowledge. The second component of knowledge mobilization is designed to increase accessibility to community and those who often are using services via virtual webinars, and easily accessible videos.  

Weekly virtual program focused on sharing knowledge on wellness, mindfulness, and mental health relating to Black LGBTQ+ individuals. Developed with the leadership cohorts in partnership with community leaders in different communities outside of Toronto. These sessions will be available virtually allowing for folks from all over Canada to attend.

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(in collaboration with Addictions & Mental Health Ontario):  Led by our Leadership Development Coordinator and facilitated by members of the Mental Health Leadership Cohort we will provide a series of workshops available to mental health practitioners to bridge the gaps and allow for a direct from service users learning environment. Working with service users and those with lived experience to design, collaborate, and conduct presentations on issues affecting LGBTQ+ for service providers.

A community-symposium, The Gathering: Conversations on Mental Health, brings together LGBTQ+ Black individuals from across the GTHA (Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area) to discuss and identify ways the mental health service sector more broadly can better support the needs of these diverse communities.

Phase 3

Project Closing

Made publicly available for communities across Canada to access. The report will be multisensorial, including text, multimedia, images, artwork, and findings from this project.

Including a series of materials, graphics, and multimedia that raise awareness of the issues that are highlighted through the project. Resources and toolkits that can be disseminated widely.

Completed report with both qualitative and quantitative findings, pictures, quotes, and art created over the course of the project.