About Our Project

Our Stories Our Voices is a three year initiative that aims to engage Black LGBTQ+ individuals in Toronto and across Canada. Our project specifically will work to identify and prioritize Black Trans, non-binary, queer, women, and those who might intersect with poverty, Madness/neurodivergence, migration, and disability. We will engage these audiences through two different phases

Leaders in intersectional mental health supports

Across Boundaries and Adornment Stories have both built a framework centering a holistic mental health, allowing Black LGBTQ+ communities to bring their fullness into the space.

Dual Approach

We aim to best reach and service our communities by blending grass roots and a charitable org approach. Through this collaboration we strengthen our intergenerational reach and ensure this project follows a for us by us methodology. .

Using Models that have been tested

Adornment Stories and Across Boundaries previous programs and methods have been duplicated and built on to ensure the engagement strategies are centered on community needs.

Thank you to our collaborators

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