MasterClass Series

OSOV’s Masterclass Series (OMS) brings experts to the forefront. Leading class sessions to take a closer look at topics and themes relevant to Black LGBTQIA+ mental health and wellness. Each class will explore the instructor’s area of expertise in an easily understandable format. From crystal healing to financial literacy and navigating therapy, these courses will provide participants and viewers with a deeper knowledge of new ideas. The series includes various live streamed (recorded) webinars that answer the questions of Black LGBTQ+ community while making information accessible for practical implementation in daily life. Instructors will build their topics and presentations using verifiable, cited knowledge while also collecting existing knowledge. All courses will be available on the OSOV website for later viewing.

Saturdays, 11am – 1pm

Our Stories Our Voices: Mental Health Narratives and the Black LGBTQ+ Experience is an Adornment Stories Collective and Across Boundaries collaboration, funded by Public Health Agency of Canada